White Border Refugee Crisis Upgrade! Poland is accused of deploying "fighting forces", white: add information power and strengthen border defense


White Border Refugee Crisis Upgrade! Poland is accused of deploying "fighting forces", white: add information power and strengthen border defense

  [Global Times, the Russian Special Reporter Rong Yuan Global Times Special Reporter Liu Jin] The refugee crisis in the border areas of Poland and the Belarusian border are upgraded again on the 16th, and the wavefront personnel and refugees have conflicts.

Belarus accuses Poland intentionally intensifies the crisis, saying that it will investigate Warsaw to attack refugees. According to the 16th, the AFP reported that the Bai Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Poland directly provocate and disperesses refugees, which is to prevent the resolution of the refugee crisis. Belarus Anti-Directors Herein said on Tuesday that Warsaw increased in the Bai Bai border area, has been deployed in border areas, and has built 13 camps. It is more like deploying strike strength, "Poland gives a feeling: The country is willing to drive the dry colors and pull the EU into it. Here Ning said that as a response, the Belarus gave information forces and strengthened border defense.

  On Tuesday, the Polish military used high-pressure water guns and tear gas. Warsaw, this is to prevent refugees from entering Poland.

National Defense Department said that a group of refugees trying to enter the country destroy the fence, and uses stone and dizziness grenades to attack wave security forces, and vertigo grenades, etc. are Belarus to refugees. Russian Foreign Minister Rafov said that Poland uses tears in refugees and high-pressure water guns "absolutely unacceptable." White President Lucashenke once again emphasized that the so-called "refugee problem" can’t cause fierce confrontation. In order to prevent the refugee crisis, Luchenko has a 50-minute call for 15 days and Merkel. On the same day, Russian President Putin and French President Markon conducted a 1 hour and 45 minutes of refugee crisis.

Putin once again suggested that the EU directly dialogue with Belarus on the refugee crisis. However, on the 15th, the EU 27 agreed to expand sanctions against Belarus.

US Monday also said that preparing new sanctions to Minsk.

  Polish, Lithuania and other countries accuse Russia’s "black hand" behind the refugee crisis, and believe that Moscow plans to use the refugee crisis to introduce the attention of the European Union and attach Ukraine.

According to the British "Guardian", Wu President Ze Linski said that Russia has been assembled nearly 100,000 soldiers near the Wu border.

On the 15th, the NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg warned Moscow not to "further provocation". The British Prime Minister Johnson warned that in the case of continued tight situation in the Eastern European border, the West must be selected between Russia’s natural gas and Ukraine. He believes that if the Western "protected" Ukraine, Russia may limit the supply of natural gas to Europe. The Russian government resolutely denied the above speculation in Western countries. Some experts believe that the United States hopes that the refugee crisis has expanded, allowing the EU and Russia to intensify, thereby closing the "North Creek-2" natural gas pipeline project, so Washington can add natural gas to Europe.

On the 16th, German energy regulatory agencies will suspend the approval procedures for the "North Creek-2" project.

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