Xuzhou multi-sector jointly implemented a village revitalization youth cultivation


Xuzhou multi-sector jointly implemented a village revitalization youth cultivation

Original title: It is learned from the relevant departments of the city to the relevant departments of the city. It is improving the rural youth talents who have a rural young talents who have a rural young talents that have a batch of rural young people who have a batch of rural young people who have a batch of rural young people who have a batch of enthusiasm, understanding technology, and good management. To pull the employment, prosperity industry, give full play to the dynamic army and commando team in the village revitalization, the municipal party committee organizational department, the municipal agricultural office, the municipal agricultural rural bureau, and the municipal party committee jointly implemented Xuzhou City Rural Revitalization Youth Pioneer Cultivation Action, in order to build a country Revitalizing Xuzhou template contributing youth.

In accordance with the total requirements of "industrial prosperity, ecological livable, township civilization, effectiveness, life rich" New young farmers, rural youth get rich leaders and other young pioneers, and conduct targeted land storage. Named 10 villages to revitalize the young pioneers, 100 villages revitalize the youth pioneer, choose a batch of typical to enter the country, enterprises to carry out the deeds and other preaching activities, tell the story and achievements of rural development, showing contemporary rural youth style.

The establishment of the Department of Teachers, from industry experts, college scholars, functional departments, etc., regularly carry out technical guidance and entrepreneurial services, focusing on the cooperation between agricultural experts and agricultural projects, realizing universities, rural and enterprises.

Establish a service station to set up a service site in the base financial institution network, entrepreneurial base and agricultural enterprises, regularly organize agricultural experts, entrepreneurship tutor to the service station for technical guidance and entrepreneurial services. Carry out education and training, open a rural resonance school, dock the organization, agriculture, natural resources, and financial and other departments to carry out education and cultivation, study exchanges, and promote the improvement of integrated literacy.

Provide policy help, joint financial institutions to develop special financial products, establish special credit funds, priority assessment, priority, priority, and solve agricultural financing, and more expensive.

Promote mutual assistance, according to different industry types, the talent library members are appropriately grouped, cultivate and strengthen agricultural leading enterprises, strengthen the integration of upstream industrial chain through joint research, share, share, share, unified marketing, etc. Deepen the integration, driving the development of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, improve product added value and industrial competitiveness. Organize Xuzhou Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, excavation, condense and cultivate a batch of rural "double-creating" youth talents and quality entrepreneurial projects, and the relevant departments give certain policies for projects with feasibility, strong driving ability, and influential projects and Fund support, acceleration project incubation growth.

During the year, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Bureau of Municipal Committee took the lead, jointly organized Xuzhou Youth Farmers Development Cooperation Forum, surrounding the future development of young people, continuously optimizing the development environment, promoting agricultural practitioners, and broadening young farmers’ innovation and entrepreneurship "Ecotropic" and "friends circle". At the same time, they actively recommend them to participate in agricultural investment and city quality agricultural products promotion activities, and constantly improve the visibility. (Xu Bao integrated media reporter Shen Yang) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Xin).

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