Zheshang Bank Nanchang Branch: Fully provide financial support for Nanchang economic development


Zheshang Bank Nanchang Branch: Fully provide financial support for Nanchang economic development

Recently, Nanchang City held financial institutions to support local economic development work exchanges, Zhehang Bank Nanchang Branch, as a 2020 Nanchang City Financial Institution, supported local economic development assessment award-winning units to praise. Since the opening of 2019, Zheshang Bank Nanchang Branch is based in Nanchang, serving Nanchang, keeping the Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government decision-making deployment, tightly revolving the economic and social development needs of Nanchang City, enhances political stations, strengthens responsibility, and increase credit Fund delivery, solid promotion of specialty products and service innovation applications, optimize credit launch structure, and fully support the high quality development of Nanchang City.

In supporting entity economic development, Zheshang Bank Nanchang Branch rapidly, opens up a green channel, simplifies workflow, implement special rewards, speeding up credit, meets the financial needs of the Nanchang City’s epidemic prevention and control, and actively showing the Nanchang Branch of Zheshang Bank Nanchang Branch.

At the same time, actively strive for the tilt of the head office. Comprehensive use of internal and foreign loans, block links, payment finance, creditor finance plan, ticket business, etc., focusing on the major development strategy, key development field and key projects, etc., fully support the epidemic Prevention and control, "six stable" "six guarantees" and other work, the credit balance and increments of the branch in the end of 2020 have become a variety of enterprises in Nanchang.

In terms of strengthening the smuggling of the small and financial services, Zheshang Bank Nanchang Branch Innovation launched "Room Disrespect (Yu Value Loan)" "Standard Factory Loan" and industrial chain services, accumulated 200 small and micro enterprises in the city and Individual industrial and commercial households put loan billions, all in 2020.

In terms of service key industrial chain supply chain, Zheshang Bank Nanchang Branch vigorously promotes the technical innovation application of block chain, relying on the key platform such as "Chihua Financing Platform" to help Jiang Bell Group and other enterprises Collecting the payment of nearly 3 billion yuan, helping Nanchang Municipal Public Holding Group and other assets and other assets added for short-term liquidity of 20 billion yuan, help enterprises broaden the financing channels, and the decreasing consumption is increased; "Distribution" business is a 100 million yuan of pig farmers in the Zhengbang Group’s industrial chain, which contributes for pig breeding insurance and rural resolution.

Since 2021, the Nanchang Branch of Zheshang Bank has closely burst high-quality development requirements in Nanchang, continued to increase credit funds, optimize the credit structure, and continuously increase the city’s manufacturing loans, new farmers loans, rural revitalization strategy, private small micro enterprises The focus of the key areas; revolve around Nanchang agricultural aquaculture industry chain, automobile and new energy automobile industry chain, aluminum profile industry chain, Chinese medicine industry chain and other key industrial chains, promote "Technology + Finance + Industry + Enterprise" Comprehensive Financial Services Platform, fully support key industrial chain development.

As of the end of the third quarter, the balance of the Loan of Zhehang Bank Nanchang Branch reached 14.8 billion yuan, an increase of 3.3 billion yuan from the beginning of the year, and it is expected that the annual new loan plan target task will be overloaded in Nanchang. In the next stage, the Nanchang Branch of Zheshang Bank will play new work in the future, focusing on "upgrading Nanchang’s first place, highlighting the provincial meeting" work requirements, speeding up featured products and service innovation applications, strengthening financial risk prevention, and further continuously enhancing financial services entities The economic efficiency is effective to speed up a new and greater contribution to the universal city of Nanchang.

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