Zhangzhou City Letters and Visit Work Special Conference


Zhangzhou City Letters and Visit Work Special Conference

  On the afternoon of November 17, the city’s petition work special meeting was held, and Du Yanan, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking, and the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor Deng Zhenxiao hosted the meeting, and the president of the CPPCC Tang Yong attended the meeting.

  Du Yanan pointed out that a letter from the party committee, a "barometer", "Signal light" and cadres who have gone, and the "Signal Light" and cadres of the Government, which are the "Signal Lights" of the Government. Important work. We must conscientiously consolidate political consciousness, truly put the people’s family, earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency of doing a good job in letters and visits, and adhere to the "three in place and one handle", according to law, exhaustive ways, tap Fully, maximize the conflict dispute, the biggest efforts to promote harmony and stability.

  Du Yanan emphasized that it is necessary to take a special action for the "big bottom, big resolution, and big supervision" to fully carry out the "big bottom, big resolution, and big supervision".

It is necessary to focus on the "big bottom", smooth letter visits, establish a work desk account, and seize all kinds of petition issues.

It is necessary to focus on "big resolution", put your heart, transparent, highlight the key, and effectively solve the rational appeal of the masses. It is necessary to focus on the "big supervision", strengthen the supervision of the supervision, regularly carry out the review, and the map will be set by one pair. It is necessary to focus on "catching long-lasting", pull high benchmarks to improve the working mechanism, and insist on relying on party building to grasp the petition, establish and improve the approval of the leading cadres, and open the door to visit, take the case, lead the system.

  Du Yanan pointed out that it is necessary to compare the liability chain.

In accordance with the principle of "belonging to management, hierarchical responsibility, who is responsible", adhere to the "one hand", catch "a hand", establish a clear level, responsibility, strict standards, and strictness, same frequency Resonance, further compaction leaders, genus, departments, etc.

It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the team of petitions at all levels, with the deep feelings of the masses to solve the rational legal demands of the masses, and truly have access to the rush, write trics.

  The meeting conveyed the provincial party committee, the provincial government mainly responsible comrades on the important instructions of the letter of letters and visits and the spirit of the province’s petition work, informing the information of the city’s petition, arranged to deploy a letter of letters and visits, "big bottom, big resolution, big supervision "Special actions related to work, some counties and municipal straight units have made statements.

  City leaders Qin Fengyu, Jihongwu, Chandu, Liu Zhonghan, Zuo Long, county, Zhangzhou high-tech zone, and the main person in charge of the municipal directly relevant units attended the meeting. (Reporter Chen Xianfeng).

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