Shaanxi to send power-driven companies: 330 kV frames in the northeastern part of Xi’an enter the finals


Shaanxi to send power-driven companies: 330 kV frames in the northeastern part of Xi’an enter the finals

On January 15th, the important transmission line project of "14th Yun", 330 kV, air-transportation electric lines in the northeastern part of Xi’an, and the construction site of Shanghe Village Cable Terminal Station, one-piece silver line is connected to a high-pressure tower, Visiting five tabs hanging in the sky.

In April 2020, Shanghe Village Cable Terminal Station started construction, covering an area of ??acres, this issue of the construction of 8 rounds air outgoing lines to the cable terminal, the east is connected to the Olympic power station, the Westian Xuanwu Substation, the transmission line migration Hub of landing project. Today, the main construction of the main control communication room and the main office building has entered the final decoration stage. Warm weather is first completed all work.

Xi’an Northeast China 330 kV air-transportation line relocation and landing project (partial), the Shaanxi Sending Substation Construction Co., Ltd. is responsible for contracting, including Shanggan Village Cable Terminal Station, Weibei II cable terminal station, northern suburbs change Expansion projects, the built-in beach changed the expansion project, and the Xuanwu changed the expansion project. It is an important base supporting facility around Xi’an Olympics Center, directly assumed the power security task of major active venues such as "14 Yun", which is the provincial key facility project.

After the completion, it is important to protect the "three-center" project of Xi’an City, optimize the regional grid architecture of the Northeast of Xi’an, enhance the reliability and safety of regional power supply, and promote regional economic and social development.

"Shanghe Village Cable Terminal Station is larger than the 330 kV high-voltage cable turning radius, the station design uses variable cross-sectional interleaved double warehouse cable tunnel. The tunnel is 215 meters long and the tunnel is high and divided into north and south.

"The main construction of the project worker in Shaanxi Sending Transformation Company, introduced the design, which opened up new models of Shaanxi grid cable out of the ground.

However, there is a land station station station in the northeast of Xi’an, which is the combination of Weihe and the River, the foundation of the foundation is mainly sandy soil, and there is a large landslide of the tunnel foundation pit excavation.

The construction of the foundation pit support for steel sheet pile support and improves the safety of the foundation pit and provides security for tunnel construction. Entering the tunnel northern warehouse, under the dark light, the tunnel northern room has a wide range of 5 meters, narrow mildren interleaves each other, and the 5-layer bracket is set, and the top of the top is arranged.

Some workers are maintaining a row of cables and installing an auxiliary facilities. They said that during the construction period, there were about 150 construction workers to set up a shed, day and night, and completed the construction task in schedule 58 days. This tunnel witnessed the hardships of the builders.

Shaanxi to send powring companies, "Shaanxi Tiejun", said that colleagues also called the project manager of the civil build branch, called "Sanlang" of "Shaanxi Tiejun".

Speaking of Xia Bo, Xiaobo arrived. His dust servant coordinated the end before the project was transported, and he was too busy. He said that it is better to say that "Sanlang" is not as good as the power of "Shaanxi Tiejun". In the past few days, the cold flow was encountered, and the temperature in the construction site dropped to 10 degrees Celsius, almost all construction instruments were frozen.

We don’t want to do this, use insulation cotton, Net red electric wind turbine, electric blanket heating, etc. At present, the 330 kV frame of the northeast of Xi’an has entered the end of the completion stage, the Shanghe Village Cable Terminal Station, and the Weibei II cable terminal station plan to start the transport on January 28.

Several large concrete tanks slowly entered the station, and the workers took advantage of the weather to complete the road hardening in the station.

The crowd of the vehicle is busy, the car sounds like a winter symphony, add a little warm to the earth. (Local Contributed Han Wuliang) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao).

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